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Soul Mate

Let me tell you a story I see in movies all the time.

Sally is a girl who always dreamed of meeting her soulmate. She fantasized day and night hoping to one day discover this man that would sweep her off her feet. She already knew how he should look, speak, and act. Little did Sally know, that her dream guy was with her all the time! He was her best bud that she had shoved into the friend zone. It was only after a very hard situation that she realized that he was there all along.

So many of us are Sallys, but not with dating. So many times we go through things alone because we think we know what’s best for us or what’s going to make us feel better. While going through, we sometimes ignore those around us that truly love us and are trying to get into our lives. Sometimes, we even pull away from them, but you don’t have to walk this walk alone.

Those that are in Christ, are all connected. Oneness in Jesus makes us all soulmates. Jesus is in his people. So, will you let Him have your heart? If so, share your soul with someone today.

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