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Sons of God

There is a story of a family of Apes who found an orphaned human baby hidden in the middle of the Jungle. The Apes raised the boy the only way they knew how. In time, He learned how to live just as an ape and his behaviour, diet and desires were no different from them and He saw nothing wrong with it.

As we have been exploring God's perspective, the truth is there are some in the Kingdom of God who have not realized who they are and what they are capable of just like this boy in the jungle. Many are lacking the truth about their divine identity in Christ and are being raised according to this worlds conducts and beliefs. While there are some who have heard the truth but choose to believe the lie that they are missing out on things that seem to make people so happy and begin to live as though they are in this world. (Colossians 2:20)

Thankfully in this time God is revealing to His sons through His holy Apostles and Prophets the truth about our salvation. (Ephesians 4:11-14) That we are indeed a new creation, something that is of Divine and Godly nature. This truth allows you to see God's intent for all of us and His reason for saying let there be light in the first place. It was so that He could get Sons! A family. Those where of his kind, who He could talk to and we could understand Him. He couldn't bear to exist without us.

God's plan was not for us to live as mere humans, but he has made a way for us to be sons through the death of Jesus Christ. Jesus has resurrected in us and in as many as who will believe Him. (John 1:12)

Sons of God, you live by the power of Jesus Christ. Believe who you are. Be who you are. Love who you are.

Series written by Isabel Williams.


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