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2020 was the best year of my life!

I have never experienced the goodness love and mercy of God as I did in 2020

Some would say the total opposite. That 20/20 was the worst year in history based on what happened with world governments, racial disputes, and definitely what happened with the Coronavirus that basically snatched the life out of every social Gathering and daily routine

But what happened was that God sent something like the Pandemic To allow us to have a time where we can stop in our tracks. And depend upon him for everything we needed. In 2020 the Lord started a Revival in our ministry And God met with us every weeknight and Sunday morning. In each session, God pointed out so many things that his people had overlooked while being so busy with church as usual. But being the best Father ever, he promised to make us Ready and equipped for what he was going to do in the earth and he is doing just that.

My prayer for 2021 is that we will embrace. The reality that God is in control. And submit to him in All Things.

Let's not look at what went wrong, but consider the fact that you are alive today. Not many persons have the opportunity that you have to experience the mercy and love of God.

Be encouraged and lift up your eyes to the one who holds the world in his hands.

What was your favourite part of 2020?

- Isabel Williams

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