Qualifying Through Suffering

2 Timothy 2:12; If we suffer with him, we shall also reign with him...

To qualify for the FIFA World Cup, teams go through a grueling set of matches where they play both home games and away games equally. Home games are games that are in the team’s country while away games are played in the opponent’s country. Usually when football teams play at home, they are treated well and cheered on by the home support who want to see their team qualify for the World Cup.

In the away game,s however, the opposing country does everything to throw the team off, from a frosty “welcome” at the airport to a noisy hotel, to fans swearing and throwing objects at the players, it’s usually a difficult task playing away. However away games are essential to the team getting to the World Cup and it brings a huge sense of satisfaction when a team can overcome all these adversities and win games away from home.

This is similar to our walk as Christians. The scripture tells us that this world is not our home and that we are simply pilgrims passing through. God is the one that has placed us in a hostile environment where the devil and his agents will try to do everything to throw us off. However, God has already given us all the tools we need to win this away game, if we stand firm in the Word, there is no way we can lose. And if we don’t lose we will qualify. So let us suffer a little through these away games, knowing that if we suffer with him, we will reign with him. Be encouraged.

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