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In the secular world, there is a very popular fragrance called Obsession that has a sweet, distinct aroma. However, spiritual obsession is a poison that leads you into an emotionally persistent pursuit of an idea or feeling. This idea or feeling is birthed in the imagination; thus defining the Biblical terminology for this mindset: to imagine. An obsession is the mental force by which a created image in the mind drives the flesh to limits, striving to fulfill the requirements of the image. This poison causes blindness

to reasoning, and will deny any communication that seeks to change the mindset.

Those who are obsessed are willing captives of an idol, which may be a person, persistent idea, desire, or an emotion that cannot be removed by reasoning or logic.

Obsession is a mindset that results in compulsive preoccupation, total delusion, and lying emotions. The reasoning faculty shuts down and one will not entertain anything that does not enhance the obsession. One may hear the truth but will not allow it to have an effect in their life because of the blindness of the heart and dullness of hearing.

An obsession is also a delusion in which the created image (idea, personal disposition, desire, emotion, etc.) is accepted as fact. One must be willing to face the truth in order to break free. Watch SWJ-Live for more.

Mary Banks

Sunrise with Jesus



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