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Not So Strange

When something unexpected happens, our first thought and feeling are the tell-tale signs of where we are spiritually. Seasons of uncertainty, grief, persecution, rejection are often things that we can't prepare for, or set aside a formula for a righteous response.

God, who is faithful to reveal to us where we truly stand with Him, will not deny us of these unexpected experiences. He knows that we need them in order to receive a revelation of the disposition of our hearts, and the hearts of those around us. Many times we focus on the pain that these circumstances bring, but if we were to see from God's perspective, we would see His desire to overcome these situations through us.

If you're suffering, don’t let your first thought be to take it personally by taking on emotions of sadness, fear, or a pulling back of the heart - feeling as though you're suffering all by yourself. Instead, praise and thank God for choosing you to share the same vessel as Christ, and to feel what He feels as He suffers. If you hold on to your peace and the joy of your salvation, it will be revealed clearly to every heart (including your own) that Jesus resides in you, and He is the one who bears all things. You will find an assurance that exceeds the trial itself, and the power of Christ will rest upon you.

So, if life has taken you for an unexpected ride, that's not so strange; because it is a token that you are chosen and approved of God to share in more than just His spirit, but to share His sufferings too.

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