I remember the first day we got to use microscopes in science class I thought it was the coolest thing! We were looking at cells but since cells cannot be viewed with the naked eye, we used the microscope to get a closer look. When I looked into the microscope it was still a little difficult to see, so I changed the lens so it could be magnified and I was amazed! There, right before me were hundreds of living cells that were otherwise undetectable to the human eye.

I say all this to show that there could be areas of our lives that are just like this. We may appear to be living right, we praise, we can dance, be up on a pulpit and have that recognition by our peers that we are holy but what does God see? We know that he is looking for a church without spot or wrinkle. So are we truly spotless? God sees all and he is the microscope that sees the deepest parts of our soul.

Be encouraged saints and let us remain sober-minded!

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