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Mercy and Prayer

Mercy is given by God’s decision, not by much prayer! By this I mean, mercy is not something that can be earned. There are times when God gives mercy without us even asking for it, why? Because He decided to do so. Therefore, even if we pray for it, it is still His decision to grant us mercy. Hence when we approach Him we must wait to see if He has approved us for mercy. The good thing is that God wants to give us mercy. However, He may not give it if our character is not acceptable. When our character is not acceptable, He may grant us the right to life here on earth, but He will take our access to the power of Christ from us. Hence, in prayer we must look for when He approves us, and walk according to that. Our prayer is not what earns us the right to walk in the grace of God, instead our lowliness and gratefulness in prayer serves as motivators for God to decide in your favor. In order to walk in the grace of God, you must not only pray, but you must receive mercy too.