"My mercies are renewed day by day. Every day I give you the right to life, and the right to continue in Christ. There is nothing you can do to earn it however, you motivate my decisions when you take time to acknowledge me. Tell me, what is it that you can do without me. Isn’t your next breath in my hand? Truly, I am the power that upholds you. Why should I keep you? Why should I sustain you? There is only one thing that I ask of you, and it is your heart.

Give me the depths of your heart. Love me with all of it. This is the holy sacrifice I desire from you. The love of your heart is what I delight in. It makes me want to see you again. It makes me want to speak to you again. It causes me to never want to lose you. I give mercy, to those that are willing in the depths of their heart to love me. I will fight for them until that heart cry of theirs is realized. Stay before me my children, because I love you."

- Spoken by God, the Father.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.

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