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Living Epistles: Like You Just Got Saved Series


Today, I'm reflecting on God's faithfulness towards us His children; this is seen in how He always knows what we need and provides it just in time. He shows up and saves the day - every single time! This invitation that God has made for us to seek Him like we did when we just got saved, is just what many of us were longing for! As I was reflecting on my own salvation experience, the Lord reminded me of a time when I was living the reality of a bible verse that I never knew existed:

It was late one night; I was home alone, praising and worshipping God. The more I sang, the more I cried tears of gratitude to God for His mindfulness in saving me. During this worship, I suddenly became aware that there were spirits all around me. I could see their silhouettes, and I could hear them outside my bedroom. I was being watched! But I wasn't scared, nor was I excited or anxious; I was not affected by their presence at all. I just wanted to continue worshipping. Years later I read Ephesians 3:10, "To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God..." This verse talks about spirits (principalities and powers) being allowed to see God's wisdom by beholding the life of His children (the Church). They were literally watching me praise God and learning / witnessing how a redeemed one worships Christ!

But this doesn't just apply to me, or to singing worship songs to God. Our entire lives as children of God were designed to tell one endless story of God's infinite wisdom. When we just got saved, we were simply walking in obedience to God