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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were being corrected or confronted about something that you don’t feel like you were wrong in? This may cause you to feel misunderstood or judged or you may feel that whatever this person is saying is now completely irrelevant to you. The temptation in this situation is to hold fast to your position and remind yourself of all the reasons that you’re right. You could even be thinking of your epic comeback that you’re going to say in the most effective way, after which, you will simply drop the mic and slowly walk away.

This situation is one that I have found myself in several times and, to be honest, I too have fallen into the trap of holding my militant stance of correctness. However, one will find that if you examine the response of the Holy Spirit in you, and if you allow the Spirit to lead your emotions and your actions, you will see a great difference. The Spirit is able to look past the misunderstandings and everything else that looks wrong and still host a genuine posture of peace and prpeparation for God to speak. So whether you’re being scolded, corrected or simply taught, humility and meekness will allow you to listen for God and for truth no matter if there are some other things in the same breath that you do not agree with. I ‘ve always heard it say that even if a person is 99% wrong, the 1% is worth listening to.

So I challenge you today: listen for truth, no matter what. Remain humble and you will be surprised just how much you learn.

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