Keep Me Challenge – Our Lord is a Keeper – Day 15

Day 15

So you have done it. 14 Days of Holiness. One thing you would have recognized if you did the challenge correctly is that you are not kept by your own willpower, but by the power of the Holy Ghost within. He is the true keeper. He is able to keep us from falling.

I want you all to be encouraged and know that you don’t ever have to sin if you do not want to. Sin is not something the sons of God are not bound to. We are totally free from it. We have the gift of the Holy Ghost to keep us from ever returning to it. 

You have done it! You have walked holy! Now, take this challenge and live the rest of your life with it, and if you keep the faith, you will see God’s faith in peace! If you missed the challenge or you messed up! You can always start/start over! So see you on the side of holiness!

Be encouraged, I love and give my blessings to you!

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