Keep Me Challenge – Like a Chameleon – Day 11

Activity: Prayer is power.

For the next 2 Weeks – Spend time in fellowship with God, and in no way rush Him. However, let Him know, from the earnest of your heart, every morning that you want Him to keep you sinless that day.

Day 11

Did you know that the devil has wisdom? God gave it to Him. Though He has wisdom, God is wiser and He has exposed all the wiles of the enemy to us. Even the scripture lets us know that there hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man. (1 Cor 10:13) One of his tactics that he uses in that he sticks to whatever works. If he has used a technique in the past that tends to work on you, he will keep using it. However, if you grow wise and discern him you will ensure to stay true to your God.

This was my experience, there was always one thing that the devil would trip me up in. It was an emotion of discouragement. However, one day, I decided that no matter how I felt, I was not going to agree and accept that emotion. As I submitted to God and resisted the devil, he fled from me – just as the scripture said he would! The following day I was tried again in another area, gave the same response, and once again conquered. Then the following day I was tried in another area, and it was then I realized what was happening.

The devil was operating as a chameleon, changing my trials, and trying whatever he could to make me fall. However, the Lord revealed it to me. His efforts made me know I was in the center of God’s will and was able to overcome. Resist the devil today, he has no weapon against holiness.

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