Jealousy - Thought War Series

Jealousy is resentment or suspicion of anyone who is believed to have an advantage you don't have. These advantages can even be imaginary, made up realities that are created in your mind. A universal operation in every case of jealousy is that is seizes any opportunity to blatantly or subtly discredit or destroy the reputation of another.

Jealousy can sometimes be a very subtle operation that exists in the heart. A person could be jealous because of their own fear of rejection or a fear of losing their uniqueness in a situation. However, if someone is enjoying an advantage over you, it is God that gave it to that individual. So whether it was a new position on your job, financial gain, or attention from that guy or girl you’ve been crushing on for the last few weeks, we have to accept that God is the one that is the orchestrator of our lives. We must remain settled in the fact that God gives good gifts to those He loves and will never withhold what we need. If you are resentful of the good that is in someone’s life, then you are resentful of the Father who has given it to them.

So have you identified jealousy in yourself? Well, here is your solution: Submit yourself to God. Give your heart and your life over to Him and purge yourself of this iniquity. Admit your faults to God and seek Him to help you. Ignore your image of yourself and give over to God. He will lead your life into eternal life, which is all that matters at the end of the day.

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