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Iniquity's Intent

We have been ministering on iniquity for quite some time now. Iniquity is extremely cunning and powerful. It can have you in its web for years and you not even realize it. In short, it will always hide you from holiness, by making you feel like you are good enough.

Stop for a moment and examine your life. Can you say you are exactly like Christ? This may be a farfetched thing for many to even think, however, His life dwells in us. Jesus' Holy Spirit is within us, and can express Himself through us every day if we let Him. But.... do we see Him doing it.

When Christ is expressing through us, there will be absolutely no area of holiness we will come short in, struggle in, or even be tempted in. He cannot be tempted with sin. However, the power of iniquity will allow you to be aware that you are not where you should be, but never allow you to realize the full detriment of it. Iniquity will allow you to repent, as long as you eventually go back into sin. Iniquity is more concerned about your lifestyle than momentary failure.

So look at your lifestyle, are you an occasional sinner? If yes, are you ok with it? If this knowledge does not immediately motivate you to get your life completely righteous, you, my friend, are under the power of iniquity. Repent today, and free yourself from its snare.


Jenno is a young man in the church who ministers in music. He recently has been going through a hard time and started to pull away from his brothers and sisters in the church. ​They have noticed that he hasn't been showing up for rehearsal, and he doesn't take their calls anymore. The rest of the music ministry met and discussed Jenno's spiritual disposition. Time ran out and they forgot to pray for Jenno before the meeting ended. Jenno found out about the discussion and can't recall any of his fellow ministers coming to him personally to check on him. ​Jenno is hurt and withdraws even further.

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