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Iniquity II - Help Jenno

Yesterday we learnt about iniquity. Iniquity is anything that stops the flow of love. Love is God. So anything that stops the flow of God, or any way of thinking, that is contrary to God's word is considered iniquity. We have been discipling on Sunrise. So below we want you to identify the traces of iniquity in the scenario below. Check it out.

Jenno is a young man in the church who ministers in music. He recently has been going through a hard time and started to pull away from his brothers and sisters in the church. ​They have noticed that he hasn't been showing up for rehearsal, and he doesn't take their calls anymore. The rest of the music ministry met and discussed Jenno's spiritual disposition. Time ran out and they forgot to pray for Jenno before the meeting ended. Jenno found out about the discussion and can't recall any of his fellow ministers coming to him personally to check on him. ​Jenno is hurt and withdraws even further.

How would you minister to Jenno? Place it in the comments section.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.



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