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I Love You

"There is a mindset that my people approach me with. They often forget that I am a God of love. Yes, I am their Lord, and I am their Master, but I am also their lover. I want them to enter into my presence with thanksgiving, love, and affection. I want them to be so in love with me that it steals their time and mind. Prayer time should be a time of the outpouring of love upon me, and I upon you. But why do you approach me as if it is a chore?

It is because of your view of me. You view me as a hard taskmaster. Expecting of you what I am not willing to give myself. You do not enjoy your time with me because you fear my wrath if you do not pray. So your prayer time is not out of sweet adoration for me, it is out of fear. But how can you love and fear? Perfect love casts out fear.

Open your eyes oh son! See me, see my heart for you, I love you."

- Spoken by God, the Father.



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