I remember one day seeing a video of someone receiving an ice cream cone. Everything seemed just fine, and the ice cream looked delicious. As expected the individual begun to indulge in the ice cream, taking a huge bite into it. To their surprise, there was a huge hole in the middle of the ice cream. They literally got a shell of ice cream, most of it was just empty space.

I remembered this when the word “hollow” came to mind. It was a word God used to describe some individuals who seek to walk in Christ. On the surface they seem to be perfect replicas of Christ, but on the inside they are hollow. They lack substance. I asked the Lord about this, and He begun to show me the things that cause hollowness in the lives of people. Firstly He defined it to be, the state when an individual loves the knowledge of the word of God, but their life and/or character does not reflect the word they love. Often this, disposition goes even unseen to the hollow one, because they use their knowledge of God to convince themselves that they are alright with God. They have word and no life.

Here are some of the things that God listed.

1. Playfulness with Sin

2. The Word of God is not the ruling authority over their lives

3. Lack of Spiritual Enlightenment.

4. Delusion.

5. Lack of confrontation

We will go through these throughout the week.

Kareem Flowers

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