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Healing Love

"My love for you runs so deeply that your mind cannot attain to it. It is the force that keeps you moving, and breathing and living. My love is the epitome of who I am, and what I say. All of My statutes are founded in love. Give to the poor, clothe the homeless, care for those that have lost loved ones. It is My love in your heart that heals the nations. Do not hinder Me from expressing it through you.

It is My love that will shine a light unto the world. It is My evidence in you that will cause the world to know that they are truly loved and that My provision for them to receive Me is real. Do not stop those I died for from experiencing My love. For My love is able to heal and restore them. My love is able to save them."

- Spoken by God, the Father.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.



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