Frustration - Thought War Series

Frustration is an erroneous interpretation of your life's situations, circumstances and relationships. Often when we perceive our situations through the lens of what we want it can become extremely overwhelming when they don't work out as planned. The truth is, frustration is a spirit of control, but the real question is, who are we controlling, or rather, seeking to control?

When you walk in frustration you are actually seeking to control God. Why, you ask? Well, because God is in control of all things. He is the one in control of your life and not you. Your frustration comes about when you seek to control the happenings of your life - a post that already belongs to God.

In order to be delivered from such an emotion, one must realise the truth that God is a good Father. He works all things out for our good (the salvation of our souls). Quite frankly, we do not know every other mind that we may walk in that is not godly; however, God does (Phil 3:15). He knows the things about us that need to go. Therefore he uses situations to purify us. To make us, and to bring us to a place where righteousness is the only thing we love, and that we also hate iniquity. If you learn to trust God, and allow your heart to move from selfishness and a desire to have your own way to a desire to please God in all things, you will find that God will give you His perspective of your situation. He will thus, give you the wisdom you need, to walk holy in the circumstance. Agree with God's will for your life today and have that agreement deliver you from frustration.

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