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So we all know that story that’s on everyone’s calendar, called Footprints. Oh you know, that one about the guy that had the vision of his life about walking on the beach with Jesus. He would always see two sets of footprints in the sand, but in the hard times, he only noticed one. 

The story ends with Jesus saying, “The times when you saw only one set of footprints was when I was carrying you”. What if I told you you’re looking at the whole story wrong? What if I told you that Jesus never ever wanted to put him down, but the reason the times that there were 2 sets of footprints 

were the times that he threw a tantrum in Jesus’ arms, screaming to let him down until Jesus did. The truth is, God wants to keep us. He wants to carry us all the time, whether good or bad. But we must let Him. We must be okay with our feet never touching the earth again so that He can carry us all the way to glory. 

Trust God, He can keep you.

We did a live show based on This Sunrise! Watch it below!

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