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Follow like a child: Like You Just Got Saved Series

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

So all week we have been talking about what we enjoyed most about our born again experience, but on our final day in this series, I want to switch things up a bit. Let's talk about the thing that God enjoyed most about us when we just got saved! Can you guess what it is? Simple, child-like obedience. When we got saved, it was so easy for God to lead us because we were followed Him without doubt or controversy. We had no agenda of our own, and so there was no tussle between us and the Holy Ghost. God was pleased to simply whisper an instruction and delight in how quickly and effortlessly we would respond.

Unfortunately for many of us, we've grown so much that we have forgotten what it means to be children - period - much less children of God. Many of us see those early days of our salvation as the "glory days" that are long gone. But not so, if the Holy Ghost is still within us. On our final day of this series, I want to remind someone of how they used to bring a genuine smile to the Father's face. You would follow Him without murmuring or complaining. You trusted that the same love which saved you, had nothing but good intentions for you in every situation, circumstance and relationship. Turn away from the knowledge, experience and wantonness which hinders the child-like faith that brought God so much joy. Return to Him, by resolving to follow God, as a dear little child.

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