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Embarking on Ministry: Lessons from the Master's Blueprint

Welcome to A Journey through the New Testament! In this series, we will systematically journey through every chapter in the New Testament, unveiling the marvelous insights that can be found in the scriptures.

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As we delve into Matthew 4, a blueprint unfolds for those aspiring to be ministers of God. Contrary to the notion that entering ministry is as straightforward as launching a YouTube channel, there are spiritual operations that must transpire. Let's explore Jesus' journey into ministry and unravel how His experiences hold principles that relate to us.


Jesus' baptism holds profound significance, marking a calling and anointing for ministry. There's a specific time when one is called to engage in ministry, and the Lord orchestrates the path. When one is called into ministry, the anointing of the Holy Ghost rests upon and flows through them to nourish others. This anointing kindles a deep love for people and a selfless ambition to witness their salvation and growth in God. These are critical qualifications for effective ministry.

Fasting/Seeking the Lord:

A son of God devotes themselves to seeking the Lord, fostering an internal passion for a deep, intimate connection with God. The desire is not only to know God but also to ensure that one's life aligns with His pleasing standards. A profound hunger for the Word and prayer leads to a willingness to deny oneself for the sake of others.


Overcoming temptation demonstrates one's trustworthiness concerning the Word and the people of God. Our lives and desires are the primary aspects of ministry. There are even more important than the words we say. If we succumb to the devil, we risk leading others down the same path. Proving that we desire nothing from the world involves rejecting the temptations the enemy presents. Only then can we be genuinely trusted with the people of God and the anointing.


Ultimately, you are led into ministry, where the focus shifts to fostering a desire in others to traverse the same transformative steps mentioned above. The goal is for them to encounter God through personal seeking, overcoming sin, and being filled with the Holy Ghost. Encouraging them to deny themselves and resist the enemy becomes your passion because you witnessed the power of God when you overcame your own temptations. Lastly, the aspiration is to witness them step into their own ministry. Sincerity in the previous steps is crucial—only by giving everything to God can we become vessels fit for the Master's use.

  • Written by Kareem Flowers, Sunrise with Jesus

If you've been called into ministry, please take a moment to share in the comments the ways in which God prepared and equipped you for this calling.

Embarking on Ministry: Lessons from the Master's Blueprint

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