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Do You Love Him?

God is always so mindful of us. The times in our day that we finally remember Him, He had been thinking of us the whole time. His love is so great that He had no problem sending His Son to die on a cross just for you. It is sincerest desire that we love Him back.

If you want to love God back, He has already outlined the "how to" in the scriptures. In the book of John He tells us if we love Him we would keep His commandments. Our love becomes exceptionally profound when we are led of the Spirit to situations of suffering that may seem easier to escape than undergo. But in these times your love is most manifest; because your heart testifies "Though I suffer I will never stop loving God!". So you suffer it, allowing yourself to suffer and thus glorifying God.

My favorite part in all this is that He promises never to leave nor forsake us in these times of suffering. He promises that they are not grievous because of the extranatural peace He gives. So do you love Him back? He is waiting to on you.

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