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Be Honest - Discerning Faith Series

There are some who make it seem that receiving the Holy Spirit is a hard thing; but it truly is not. The key is honesty. When you are honest with yourself, your desires, and your disposition you will be able to see why you have not received the Spirit.

God will not force His Holy Spirit on anyone, we must choose Him. In addition, God will not bend the rules for any of us. If we ignore the things He is revealing to our heart and try to drown them in prayer, God will never move.

God knows how to communicate to us, and seeing that He wants to badly save you He is going to make sure He communicates whatever it is that stops you from receiving the Holy Ghost. Do not reject that, but embrace His word to your heart. Do what He says; give up what you need to give up, let go who you need to let go. Whatever He says do it, and He will respond in a jiffy.

These are the things we must be honest about. Be honest with what you hear God saying to you about you. It’s not about becoming holy first, rather it’s about your heart coming to the place where you truly want Him more than anything. When your heart is truly there, all you have to do is ask in faith, and you will receive the Spirit.


Activity: What has God been saying to you about you recently? Discuss it with a friend.


This series is based on the book "Discerning Faith", by Mary Banks. Get your copy on Amazon at the link below

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