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Be Authentic

"I am speaking through my son Kareem to cause you to see the place I desire you to move to. He has availed himself as a vessel that I can speak through these writings at this time. However, if he had chided with me, you would have never heard my heart. I am not going to war with you to fellowship with me. I always ask politely. I inspire you. I bless you. I keep you. I am consistent with my goodness. Do you see all these things? Then they should motivate you to speak with me.

When you come, speak from your heart. Do not say what you have rehearsed to say. But say only what you truly feel. Say what you see, and share what you desire to express. I desire authentic fellowship, not rhetoric. I know when your heart is real before me and when it is not. I only honor that which is authentic. So come before me, with authenticity, and I will respond to you quickly."

- Spoken by God, the Father.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.



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