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Bad Memory

Have you ever forgotten something… even something really important? I think for sure it happens to all of us at some point. Truth is, in these mortal bodies, one of the infirmities or weaknesses we face is the limited capacity of our own minds. We can only process, store and maintain so much and no more.

I thought about this as I reflected on the various things that God is currently doing in and around me. There are people, relationships, family, situations and simply life experiences that all come at us all at the same time and, frankly speaking, if we were to try to balance it all and try to make them all work out for good, we would be tired, confused and overwhelmed. But that was never the life God had planned for His children. He actually called us to Him so that we can be free from all of that; so that we can rest.

So instead of trying to make everything in your life work out in your favour, how about you leave it all in God’s hands. Cast your cares on Him and trust that He will make all things work out for good. He has already begun! Just let Him finish.


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