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All is Not Lost

The 2018 Fifa World Cup is officially underway. Russia, who is the host country, won the first match with a whopping five to zero score over Saudi Arabia. I am sure shockwaves could be felt as Saudi Arabia lost in such a dramatic way while the world watched.

However, despite the loss, they have much to be proud of. For starters, they made it to the World Cup. They also have talented players and the discipline garnered from the practices and many sacrifices is invaluable. Not to mention, they are still being paid. Additionally, they have two more matches to redeem themselves so all is not lost.

This reminds me of Jesus. He had to submit to his parents, be an example to his siblings, then he had to be disciplined in the workplace. On leaving his job as a carpenter and entering full time ministry, he was healing the sick and raising the dead; followed by a dramatic turn of events. He was despised, rejected and murdered, while the city watched.