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All I Want For Christmas

The book of Chronicles is not one I would hear about very often, but 1st Chronicles starts out by giving you the genealogy of many different characters in the bible. What is interesting is that the book of Chronicles basically summarises the books before like Samuel, Kings and so on.

In my study of this book, I stumbled upon some verses with dialogues between God and Solomon. In reading it I could not help but see the connection these passages of scripture have in relation to what God is actually doing in us as Sons today.

In today’s world especially around Christmas time, there is something that we would call a Wishlist. But what if God was to ask you a question like this, “Ask me anything and I will give it to you, “ What would your answer be?

In the book of 2 Chronicles, we saw where Solomon was faced with the same question from God, but his answer was spot on, he asked for wisdom and knowledge to lead the people. God on the other hand even blessed him with more than what he asked for because he didn’t seek material things or vainglory. He put the people before him.

As sons of God, there are some privileges given to us as well. The scripture says in 1st John 14 vs 5 - if we ask of anything according to his will, he will hear us. As sons of God we have to be spot on like Solomon, not thinking of ourselves, but seeking the will and purpose of God for the hope of souls.

What is it that you would want from God this Christmas? What’s on your Wishlist?

Reference: Matthew 6:27-33

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