Again? Sigh...

Reading: Philippians 4:6-7

So you made God a promise that your last time, was your last time. You told Him you would never do it again because you love Him. You told Him you would prove to Him that you want to please Him. But instead, you failed… miserably. You’re scared to even reflect on what happened because you know it will be a trail of dishonoring God. I know how you feel, I’ve been there many many times.

Here’s the tea on why you seem to be in this cycle of falling down and getting back up: you haven’t submitted to God yet. You’ve prayed the prayers, sung the songs, but ask yourself, do I prefer God’s way of dealing with this? When I see myself handling this situation His way, does it bring me joy, or do I foresee a miserable life? God has established a track record of faithfulness in your life and simply asks that in return you trust Him and obey Him from a willing heart. He has your soul’s best interest at heart. He knows what you need when you need it. Believe this and live by it. Then and only then will your submission be effortless and your struggle will cease.

Annestta Samuels

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