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After the Fast

Sunrise with Jesus held their first 7 day fast exactly two Monday’s ago. It was life changing and absolutely awe-inspiring. So many of us experienced the miraculous power of God. We were changed forever.

God has really placed it on my heart however to examine the fruit of it. I remember the day after the fast ended I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline when I realized the number of distractions that were present, many of which upset my spirit in a terrible way. I said to myself, “This was what I used to be entertained by?” Immediately I heard the Holy Ghost say to me, “And why go back?”

He was dealing with a mindset that many of us walk in. On fasts we experience a spiritual high, but is that high supposed to end when the fast ends or should it continue. Holiness is not about food, it’s about our hearts. God wants those things that He showed you and that you walked in on the fast to remain forever. Do not go back to your filth, but grow even the more in God. This is what is acceptable unto Him.



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