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Once in my life, I was going through such a down time. I had stopped praying and I couldn’t say when was the last time that I read my Bible. I was just going through the motions of life. Upon discerning myself, I realized the reason for my disposition was that I felt that prayer was now pointless.

I had been praying for some things for a while now and in my perspective, my requests were ignored. I felt even angrier at the fact that I wasn’t praying for sinful things, but I was praying to know Him more. Nevertheless, it seemed as if He was not paying me any attention.

Upon examination, I realized that I had lost hope in God. I doubted that He hears my every call. When I was praying, I had a concept of how I should receive those things. Little did I know God was answering me all along, by building me up in His character. Don’t be afraid to let God be God in your life. Trust Him, He knows what He’s doing.


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