A Prayer of Compassion

Good Morning Father!

It is a beautiful day. This morning, we reflect on your goodness in our lives and think about how much you have been what you promised you would have been. We thank you for your grace and the work in our lives because we know that it was only by your grace that we are saved.

We thank you for those who you have placed us around and how you have allowed us to share in their experience of life. We pray that today we not be consumed with our own realities but that we look into the lives of others and consider their needs as well. We pray that we be not selfish, self-centered or isolated from our brothers and sisters, but that their issues will become our burden as well. Cause us to manifest your love and compassion so that someone may experience God through our lives.

Just as you laid down your life for us, cause us to do the same for others today as we feel what they feel. Thank you for your love and compassion today.


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