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A Godly Mind - Thought War Series

A mindset is an established attitude regarding people, places, things, or issues. Mindsets are formed by the method and elements we use to judge situations, circumstances, and relationships, or simply, the way we process direct and indirect experiences. A mindset then becomes the dictator of our actions or responses to the things we experience. - The Thought War, Mary Banks

The above quote truly explains what a mindset is. Your environment has the ability to disciple your mind into a way of thinking. Seeing that this is true, have you allowed this to happen?

Of a truth, the children of God are born of God. This is such a powerful reality because it speaks to our divinity. Mindsets of a son of God should not then be developed based on his/her carnal environment, but by the word of God.

What does the Word say? Is it what you think? What you feel? What you do? Is the word of God your mentality? Examine this today.

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