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A Gift to the World Series – The Gift of Holiness

Jesus is the gift to the world that God has given to all that would receive Him. God has poured out His great love upon mankind, offering them an opportunity to be saved. He is the gift that God has given to all mankind. In our second episode, we spoke about God’s gift of flesh that He gave to Jesus Christ. We mentioned that God had formed a child in the womb of Mary without the help of a man. This caused Jesus to be the only one that was not born in sin, but in righteousness. But before we can go any further, we must start from the beginning.

In the beginning, God made Adam. He took clay and fashioned His body and took air and made his soul. Adam became a living soul when God positioned his soul inside of his body. When a soul is in a body, it creates a person/human being. Adam could now walk, talk and live. His soul was able to express itself because it now had a body to do it through.

However, God left Adam a promise, and it was that the day he ate of th