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A Faithful God

I am definitely convinced that the Lord is requiring that we live a fasted life. Many of the things that we have prayed tirelessly for, started happening so easily when we decided to turn down our plates and our distractions. People received the Holy Ghost, bodies were healed, and people moved spiritually. God honors the fervent prayers and supplications of the righteous!

If we live a sincerely godly life, God will work with us. Those things that God has taught you on the fast, hold on to them. Remain sober and diligent, and the Father will continue to work with you.

As we move on, be sure to look out for the next fast, however, as you do this, what has the Lord taught you in our last fast? Place it in the comment section of this post. To post a comment, scroll to the very bottom of this page and ensure you are logged in.

We did a Live Show based on this Sunrise. Check it out below.


The Previous Sunrise:


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