So you are having an extremely busy day. So many things on your mind. You are pressed for time and you are fearful you might not make your deadlines. And then, this happens. “DING”. You feel a vibration in your pocket, and there is a subliminal signal that

runs to your mind; you just got a message.”

It’s funny that even though you were so busy, while you are still pensive about work, your hand slides down your pocket and pulls out a phone. You know you don’t have the time to check your phone, but you’re gonna do it anyway. Now, you’ve checked, there are no more red notifications, you can finally breathe.

So many people can relate to the above. If only we would treat our conscience the way we treat our phones. The moment you get a notification in your heart, do you stop everything and check what’s going on? Or do you ignore it and continue on with life. If we ignore our conscience, we are ignoring an important message, that was sent to save our souls.


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