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3 Major Sins

The book of Judges is one of the most disturbing books of the Bible I have read. I have come to realize that without God man is repulsive, and cannot refrain from unrighteousness. Judges is a book filled with death and sin. However, it is also a book that contains various types, shadows and principles that we can learn from.

While studying the book there were 3 main judges that stood out to me. Namely; Gideon, Jephthah, and Samson. While studying I came to realize that they represent 3 major sins that man, and even sons walk in. Gideon is symbolic of an unbelieving heart and how it can lead you off course. Jephthah shows you the detriment of not knowing the word of God. Lastly, Samson shows you the power of lust.

We will take a look at these in SWJ-Live

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